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  08/26/08 07:48, by admin, Categories: Imaging
An image type that simulates grayscale by varying the density of dots in a given area. Highly colored areas consist of a large density of dots, while lighter areas consist of a lower density of dots. more »

Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

  08/26/08 01:43, by admin, Categories: Imaging
An Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) is a mechanism that will automatically feed an original sheet of paper so that a printer can scan some amount of the paper at once. more »

IEEE 1284

  10/03/09 20:05, by sandeepbk, Categories: Imaging
IEEE 1284 is a parallel port standard of conectivity interface developed by the Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).  The term "1284-B" is a connector end of a parallel cable which is attached to other components (i-e: a printer). more »


  10/03/09 20:11, by sandeepbk, Categories: Imaging
A Hard Disk Drive (HDD) a.k.a. hard drive or hard disk, is a non-volatile storage device. It stores digitally-encoded data on rapidly rotating platters with magnetic surfaces. more »

BIT Depth

  08/26/08 01:47, by admin, Categories: Imaging
The Bit depth describes the number of bits used to represent the color of a single pixel in a bitmapped image. Higher color depth gives a broader range of distinct colors. As the number of bits increases, the number of possible colors becomes… more »

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