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  08/26/08 01:48, by admin, Categories: Imaging
A bitmapped image format used internally by the Microsoft Windows graphics subsystem (GDI), and used commonly as a simple graphics file format on Windows. more »

Charge Coupled Device (CCD)

  08/26/08 01:52, by admin, Categories: Imaging
Charge Coupled Device (CCD) is the hardware which captures the image in scanners and digital cameras. more »


  08/26/08 07:47, by admin, Categories: Imaging
Shades of gray that represent light and dark portions of an image. When color images are converted to grayscale; colors are represented by various shades of gray depending on their brightness. more »


  08/26/08 01:54, by admin, Categories: Imaging
Term used for a toner usage measurement on laser printing. For example, 5% coverage means that an A4 sided paper has about 5% image or text on it. So, if the paper or original has complicated images or lots of text on it, the coverage will be higher and… more »


  10/03/09 20:08, by sandeepbk, Categories: Imaging
The Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is an non-profit organisation involved in advance development of all technologies related to electricity. more »

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